This is my first giveaway and I know it’s not much, but I got a free pair of contacts I thought would be perfect for any Levi cosplay, so I decided to do a giveaway! I also have over 4000 followers now, so that’s great, too.

First Prize will be M.A.X Elegance Tri-Color Gray lenses from Honeycolor, a hand-written note from Ask-LanceCorporal-Levi (or any other character I cosplay), and a signed print of any photo from my Cosplay Facebook.

The two runners-up will also receive a note and a print.


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If, for some reason, it does not work for you, please message me, and I’ll try to enter you manually.

If the RaffleCopter widget fails, I will choose winners from the notes on this post + my followers.

Giveaway ends August 31 at 11:59 PM

[Edit: Please be 18 or have parent’s permission to enter, and be comfortable giving out your address. Non-U.S. entries are acceptable]

// Current followers must still enter via the rafflecopter widget to be eligible! And remember, in case of emergency, to follow and like/reblog in case of rafflecopter failure.

Please please please continue to stay as one of my followers, friends. I will be back in a day or two or less due to issues. Been gone forever, but not inactive. Here’s a fugly selfie to tie you down (or convince you to leave for good ._.) welp.

Been gone for so long and 5 people including a cute levi cosplayer unfollows me ;n; tearsssssssss

my package just shipped 2 minutes ago from South Carolina, and said it should be on it’s way to me very soon ^_^


Mild potty humor.



I want to see something, reblog if you’re older than 13 and younger than 25.




Wow, okay. I don’t know what to say but thank you so much for following me and keeping up with my really weird ass blog. 

➝ Prizes

1st Place:

  • Any attack on titan cosplay wig [if you don’t want a snk wig I guess we could work something out]
  • Titan pajamas! [with matching underwear]
  • SnK wallet 
  • Poster signed by Reika [I had an extra]

2nd Place:

  • A attack on titan plushie of your choice [I’m not sure if they have ALL the characters though]
  • Eren’s key necklace
  • 2 Attack on titan key chains of your choice

3rd Place [sorry this one kinda sucks I’m poor]

  • You get to choose my next snk cosplay [but take note that I won’t do some characters…. you know like connie cause I’ll never be able to pull that off]
  • My unending love maybe a hand in marriage
  • A really creative promo from me
➝ Rules
  • You MUST be following me because again this is a giveaway for my wonderful followers who actually didn’t unfollow me after seeing my face
  • Please don’t follow just for the giveaway 
  • No giveaway blogs, I’ll check. 
  • Reblog as much as you like just please don’t spam your followers
  • Ask box should be open [If winner does not respond by 48 hours, I’ll be picking a new winner]
  • Must be cool with giving me their address

Giveaway ends on AUGUST 1 [I’ll only have enough money by then]

Good luck! 

Friendly reminder that this ends in a month!! For those who haven’t reblogged it now’s your chance :) 


It’s hard to imagine that when I will be 45 my son might reblog from me



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